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"Mount Sinai "
3-day Extension :  May 21 - 23, 2006

Price: $250 US Dollars
Per person in Double Occupancy

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Dawn from the top of Mt. Sinai

Day-by-Day Itinerary 

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Sunset from Mount SinaiDay 1, Sunday, May 21: Our Mount Sinai excursion begins with a drive (by private air-conditioned bus) to St. Catherine's in the southern Sinai.  As the elevation rises the air cools and we will need our sweaters or light jackets for the first time.  We arrive in the early afternoon and begin our climb up Mount Sinai by camel (or hike if you choose).  When it becomes too difficult for the camels to climb, you continue on foot to the top.  If you would like a sturdy arm, there are Bedouin guides that will help you climb the last section to the top.  You arrive in time to watch the sunset in all its glory.   

After the sunset you descend a short way to where Ruth and the Bedouins have prepared dinner and an overnight campsite for you. You will surely need a warm sweater or jacket now.  After dinner the stars provide a show that few people ever get to witness so clearly.  Billions and billions of stars are visible in this clear, high elevation devoid of artificial lights.

We sleep in tents (or in the open, if you prefer) and let the dreams on the Holy Mountain fill our night. 

Mount Sinai sunrise 1Day 2, Monday, May 22:  The next morning you can hike again to the top to greet the dawn with the hundreds of other pilgrims that make the trek each early morning, or you can go to a nearby overlook (you get the same view as from the top) and enjoy the sunrise in a quieter way with others from our group.  Or if you prefer, you can find a spot of your own for your early morning prayers or meditation.  

St Catherine's Monastery, SinaiWe enjoy a wholesome breakfast back at our campsite while the masses descend the mountain.  They will all be gone by the time we make our way back down the trail to the bottom of the mountain.  Here we visit St. Catherine's Monastery, the site of the Burning Bush.

On our return drive to Cairo we stop to visit a Bedouin village.  Evening arrival in Cairo where we have dinner before packing our bags for the flight home (we will leave most of our things here at the hotel during our Sinai trip).

Day 3, Tuesday, May 23:  Departure flights home.  No need to fight Cairo traffic this morning to get to the airport, as our hotel is just 5 minutes from the departure terminals. If you are returning to NYC, USA your flight departs Cairo at 10:00 AM.  Arrival in New York City in the afternoon (same day), 3:15 PM New York time.

There may be changes to this itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control.

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