All tours require a $500 USD deposit/person.
You can pay your deposit below
by credit card or PayPal, or you can
mail in a check with the Registration Form.

Our next tour to Egypt is scheduled for February 26 -March 10, 2017.
Your DEPOSIT reserves your place. Limit of 16 travelers/tour.

NOTE: Default is "BillMeLater".  If you do not want to join this program
choose "Credit or Debit Card" on 2nd screen (above BillMeLater). 

Please print out and mail in (no downloading needed). SIGNATURE required.


All One World Egypt Tours 2017 

ADDITIONAL TRAVEL INFORMATION: Upon receiving your registration you will be sent a link to a series of Info Pages. The Info Pages contain information regarding visas for Egypt, travel insurance, what to bring, suggested reading list, a packing list, mobile phone rental option, as well as additional information to help you prepare for your trip.

Name as it appears on your PASSPORT :__________________________________

Birth date:  day____     month (in words)________________    year_______  

Passport:  Which country?______________________ 

Passport number:_____________________________ 

Passport date of expiration*: day____    month (in words)__________    year______
*Expiration date must be at least 6 months after day of arrival in Egypt.  
You can still register for the tour, even if you will be needing to renew your passport.

Name or nickname you would like on your NAMETAG:_________________________


Town:______________________  State/Province______ Zip________________

Country:________________________ Postal Code:_______________________

Daytime Phone:_________________ Evening Phone:______________________

Mobile/Cell Phone:________________________________________________


Website(s): _____________________________________________________

Please check which tour and options you are registering for.


"Giza, Luxor & 7-Night Nile Cruise' Tour" - February 26 - March 10, 2017
__13-day/12 nights Tour: Feb 26 - March 10, 2017 -- $4,295 US Dollars

__Single Supplement for Feb 26 - March 10, 2017, 12 nights -- $600 US Dollars

__Tour Extensions & dates requested : ____________________________________________________



Private Tour - arranged for you and your group
Note: Buffet Breakfast only (included each day), no Lunches or Dinners

Dates: _____________________________________________________

__Without airfare, beginning in Cairo.  Price: __________________

Balance will be paid by: ___Check    ___Bank Transfer    ___Credit Card


__ I have already my booked flights to/from Egypt. 
__ I have not booked my flights to/from Egypt yet. 
__ Please contact me to assist with booking my flights to Egypt. 

Airline: ______________________   Flight number:___________________  
Date of Arrival (usually the day after your departure)_____________________
Arrival time in Cairo:_____________   Arriving from (city):_________________

Date of your departure__________________  Time of departure_____________
 Airline: _________________ Flight number:________________  

__I have a roommate. (name)______________________________________
   We would like ___2 single beds or   ___1 large bed.
__Please assist me with finding a roommate. 
   Your Gender:  __Male  or __Female

__I will have Single Rooms (see single supplement prices above).


DIET: Dietary restrictions_______________________________________
__I eat most everything.   
__I do not eat red meat. 
__I do not eat eggs.
__I do not eat chicken or turkey.
__I do not eat dairy products. 
__I do not eat fish.

__I have been to Egypt before. Which tours?_______________________________
__I have been on tours to other places. What were some of your previous trips?


I heard about the tour by:
__A friend or referral. Who? ___________________________________________
__ Facebook      __Internet Search for: _______________________
Other:  ______________________________________________ 

To help you can stay in touch with your new friends we will be  compiling and distributing a list of participants. It will include name, address, phones, email and websites. The list will only be given out to the participants on this tour.

INCLUDE on this group list:
__my address  
__day phone   __evening phone    __email address    __web site

Please read and certify with your signature below.
I hereby certify that: 
1) I have read the Payments & Refund Policy.  I understand the statements therein and agree to those policies.
2) I am in basically good physical health. I am aware that if I am to participate fully in the tour activities there will be a fair amount of walking, hiking over uneven ground, climbing stairs and other such activities. 
3) I understand that the tour group does not include medical personnel or services and that Ruth Shilling and/or All One World are not responsible if I have a health crisis during the tour.
4) Ruth Shilling and/or All One World are not responsible if I do anything illegal or possess anything illegal while in Egypt.

Date:_______________ Signature: ___________________________________


Please give the name, address, phone and email address (if available) for a
person at home that we can contact while you are in Egypt.




Daytime phone:_____________________ Evening phone:___________________

Email address:_____________________________________________________

PAYMENT: A deposit of $500 is due at the time of registration to reserve your place. 
Please make your check payable to:
ALL ONE WORLD. Personal checks, bank checks, Money Orders and credit card  checks are all acceptable. Go to the top to pay by credit card  or telephone with your credit card information. The remainder of the tour fee, including single supplement and add-on airfares, is due 60 days prior to your tour departure date. Your deposit constitutes an agreement to pay the remaining amount due by the above due date. Cancellations must be made in writing. You will be sent a link to the Info Pages upon receipt of your deposit.

Please make a copy of this form for you records.
We will be sending you receipts for your payments but not all the information on this form.

Mail this form with your deposit of $500 per person and a photocopy of the 
photo page of your passport (it can be mailed later, if you do not have it now):

ALL ONE WORLD,  PO Box 422,  West Kingston,  RI  02892  USA
Telephone in the USA: 1 (401) 284-2044  or  Toll-free in N. Amer: 877-538-8836


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