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Singletons Itinerary
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"Walk the Initiate's Path to Claim Your Sacred Power"
with Aaron & Sue Singleton and All One World Egypt Tours

Sunday, Sept 27 - Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009

This tour is limited to 40 participants. Places will be given in the order that registrations are received. To register and reserve your place on this tour, send a completed registration form, your deposit of $444 and a photocopy of the photo page of your passport (passport can be mailed later if you do not have it) to: 

All One World, PO Box 422, West Kingston, RI  02892
Tel: 401-284-0263 or 877-538-8836

Name as it appears on your passport :______________________________

Birth date:  day____    month (in words)_____________    year_______  

Passport:  Which country?______________________ 

Passport number:_____________________________ 

Date of expiration*: day____ month (in words)_________ year______
*Expiration date must be at least 6 months after day of arrival in Egypt.  
You can still register for the tour, even if you will be needing to renew your passport.

Name or nickname you would like on your nametag:__________________


Town:____________________________  State/Province___________ 

Zip/Postal Code:____________________   Country:_______________

Daytime Phone:_________________ Evening Phone:_________________

Mobile/Cell Phone:__________________________________


Website(s): _________________________________________________

GROUP MAILING LIST: To help you can stay in touch with your new friends we will be  compiling and distributing a list of participants. It will include name, address, phones, emails and websites. The list will only be given out to the participants on this tour.  Please INCLUDE on this group list:
  __my address  __day phone  __evening phone   __email address  __web site


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Day you are arriving in Egypt:___________________________
- If you are only doing the main tour, you should arrive on Sunday, Sept 27, before 3 PM, or on Saturday, Sept 26, 2009. Departure from the USA is one day before your arrival in Cairo.
- If you want to have an extra day to rest before the tour, you should arrive on Saturday, Sept 26 (leaving USA on Friday, Sept 25).

Airline: _____________________Flight number:_____________ 

___ I do not know my flights at this time.  

Day you are departing from Egypt:___________________________
- If you are only doing the main tour, you will depart from Egypt on Wed, October 7, 2009.  (You will arrive home the same day).
If you are adding the Alexandria 1-day Extension or Ethnic Shopping 1-day Extension you depart from Egypt on Thurs, October 8, 2009.
- If you are adding the Sinai Desert Retreat with a Free Day in Cairo, you will depart from Egypt on Sunday, October 11, 2009.
- If you are adding extra hotel nights, your first extra hotel night is the night of Wed, October 7, 2009.

Airline: _____________________Flight number:_______________  


Check which options you are registering for: 

___"Walk the Initiates' Path to Claim Your Sacred Power" -- Sept 27 - Oct 7, 2009:
USD per person in double occupancy.  Full payment is due by August 1, 2009.
___Single Supplement for main tour, Sept 27 - October 7 (morning check out) :
USD pp
___Abu Simbel Optional Tour on Day 8, Sunday, October 4, 2009 :
USD pp. See Buy generic viagra from usa for more info.

"Sinai Desert Retreat with a Free Day in Cairo" -- Wed, Oct 7 - Sunday, Oct 11:
           $790 USD per person in double occupancy.  See Desert Retreat for more info
___Single Supplement for "Sinai Desert Retreat with a Free Day in Cairo," Oct 7 - Sun, Oct 11:
           $120 USD pp.
  * Note: You can also choose from the "1-day Optional Add-on's" for the Free Day (Oct 7). 

1-day Optional add-on's:  
If you stay in Cairo for extra nights after the tour (see below) or if you choose the Sinai Desert Retreat with Free Day in Cairo, you can choose from the following options:
___"Alexandria 1-day Tour," Wed, Oct 7th, minimum of 2 persons.
           $140 USD pp.  See Options for more info.
___"Ethnic Shopping Day," Oct 7th: $80, minimum of 2 persons. See Options for more info.
___"Old Cairo" half-day tour, any day: $80, minimum of 2 persons. See Options for more info.

Extra hotel nights at Giza-Cairo hotel (same as tour):
____ Hotel nigh