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"Free Day in Cairo & 3-day Sinai Desert Retreat"
Wed, October 7 - Sun, October 11, 2009 
-  Cost: $790 per person in double occupancy

Wed, Oct 7
Roman Amphitheater, Alexandria

Applique bedspread at the Avenue of the Tent Makers, Cairo
Old Cairo & Shopping

Begin your Free Day in Cairo & 3-day Sinai Desert Retreat with other members of the tour who have chosen to stay after the main tour has finished.

For our Free day in Cairo we remain at the same hotel as the main Egypt tour. 

1-day Alexandria Trip.  See Options. Cost: $140 USD pp. minimum of 2 persons.
Ethnic Shopping Day.  See Options. Cost: $80 USD pp. minimum of 2 persons.
Old Cairo Half-Day Tour.  See Options. Cost: $80 USD pp. minimum of 2 persons.

Hotel: Intercontinental Pyramids Park.  BB only

Thurs, Oct 8

Map of Egypt showing where we will be camping

Member of the Alagat tribe

This Desert Retreat is not for the faint of heart!  We will be camping with the Bedouins in a rugged, basic style. This Retreat is designed to give participants some private time to process, integrate and relax.  There will be no group meetings or activities (other than meals) scheduled.  The camping is very basic.  No electricity, running water, plumbing or toilet facilities.  The mobile phones are outside the network, so there is no signal for phone calls.  Bottled water will be provided and there will be water brought from a well for washing (no showers, however).  This is a chance to be in a situation where we can experience the natural world, away from the influences of modern humanity.

We begin by checking out of our hotel rooms and storing our suitcases at the hotel.  A soft bag or knapsack will be of more use to you than a suitcase in the desert.  Sleeping bags and tents will be provided by our Bedouin guides. 

It is 3-4 hours drive from Giza to Abu Zenima in the Sinai.  From here we switch to desert vehicles which will take us to our campsite in the desert near Serabit El Khadim.  On the way we will stop at a Bedouin village to greet members of the Alagat tribe who are friends of Ruth.

Our meals are around the campfire and cooked by our Bedouin guides.  The wide open vastness begins to clean our hearts and souls as we settle into the spaciousness of the desert.

Sleep under the stars, or in a tent.  It is your choice.
Overnight camping in the desert. B, L, D.

See an article about the Bedouins with photos by Ruth Shilling.  People pictured will be our hosts in Sinai. Bedouins! 

Oct 9

Sinai Desert near Serabit El Khadim
Sinai Sunset

Free day to absorb the quiet and majestic beauty of the desert.  We will schedule no activities today, except meals.

Overnight camping in the desert. B, L, D.

Now available:
SINAI: The Desert & Bedouins of South Sinai's Central Regions (with 175 full color photos) by Ruth Shilling.  Available at bookshops in Egypt or by contacting Ruth Shilling in the USA.
*Note: The
SINAI book contains photos of the places you will see on this Desert Retreat.

Sat, Oct 10

Sinai overlook with village

Leaving our campsite this morning we travel by jeep or land cruiser to some of the interesting sites near by.  The Forest of Pillars is a surprise in the middle of the desert - remains of volcanic activity from the distance past.  There are sand dunes to drive on, and beautiful rock formations.

Return to Cairo, first by jeep to Abu Zenima and then by private A/C bus to Cairo.  Return the hotel where we were before.

Hotel: Intercontinental Pyramids Park.  BB only

Oct 11


Say good-bye to Egypt.  Flights home. 

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