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Niuserre Sun Temple
Dashur Pyramids
Hatshepsut's Temple
Tel el-Amarna


Deir El Bahari, Hatshepsut's Temple
West Bank of Luxor, Egypt

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H-1-web.jpg (33623 bytes) H-4-web.jpg (47027 bytes) Bahari_at_sunrise-2.jpg (37683 bytes) 3rd Level  
H-2-web.jpg (37908 bytes) H-6-web.jpg (35274 bytes) Goddess Hathor in cow form, Hathor Chapel, 2nd level Anubis Chapel, 2nd Level  
H-3-web.jpg (32679 bytes) Hathor Chapel Sanctuary, 2nd Level Goddess Hathor in cow form with Pharoah Montuhotep Temple, Middle Kingdom  
Hathor Chapel, 2nd level "Divine Conception" scene Hatshepsut's mother pregnant Osirid statue, 3rd Level  
Osirid Statue, 3rd Level Osirid Statues, 3rd Level Sactuary Entrance, 3rd Level Sanctuary Entrance, Hathor Chapel, 2nd Level God Horus, bottom of staircase
JOY Hieroglyph, Hathor Chapel, 2nd Level Procession, Hathor Chapel, 2nd Level Hathor Sistrum Column, Hathor Chapel, 2nd Level Hathor Column, Hathor Chapel, 2nd Level Hathor Column, Hathor Chapel, 2nd Level

Photos credits this page: All photos are by Ruth Shilling. 
contact us if you would like to use any photo in your project.


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Dashur Hatshepsut's Temple Tel el-Amarna


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