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NEW!  Unreported Heritage News: Lots of fascinating articles about the latest discoveries.  "Reporting on heritage stories that are not in the news - yet!"

Egypt for All is a specialized traveling program for people with disabilities.   A dynamic site, with interesting information provided by Egyptologists from around the world. It includes different section like History, Pyramids, Destinations in Egypt, Tourist Info, Interactive Section and many more!  A web directory of Egypt.

Egyptian Ministry of TourismTourEgypt. An large website with lots of info about Egypt, including two articles with Ruth Shilling. 

Galleries of Egypt Art:  Richard Deurer's Home Page with a vast amount of information.

Map of Egypt

Nigel Skinner-Simpson: His "Egyptian Stuff" section gives perspectives and information not easily found elsewhere.


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Website about our January 2008 Tour: "Ultimate Egypt" created by one of our travelers, Philip Brautigam of THOTFORM, Compelling Multimedia. 

Slide show of the January 2007 Egypt Tour including Middle Egypt Sites.  Photos by Judy Lovell, January 2007 Tour.


Ann Tay's Omni Horizon -- Navigating the Middle Realm.  Ann will be leading a tour for us in October 2011, "Awakening Through the Sands of Time," A Sacred Journey to Connect with Your Past and Birth Your Future.  Day-by-Day Itinerary.

Mr. Andrews Hair Company, a Multicultural L'Oreal Elite Salon in Richmond, VA.  Owner, Ernest Andrews, and his wife, Patrice, are two of our favorite travelers! September 2006 tour.

Brooklyn Attitude Beauty Salon, Saratoga Springs, New York.  An award winning salon with Mary Ann & Glenn Guerriero. November 2008 Egypt tour.

Coconut Frank's Island Groovin' Steel Drums Band.  Music that will move your spirit and delight your soul!  March 2003 Egypt tour.

Ida Diaz, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist in North Jersey.   Her book, Angels Working in Our Lives.  March 2001 Egypt tour.

William Dietrich, author of Napoleon's Pyramids.  Researched during one of our tours!

Greer Services, Archeological Consulting, Casper, Wyoming.  Drs. John & Mavis Greer, Energy Development and Rock Art Research.  March 2007 Egypt tour.

Happy Feet Sneaker Slippers put some fun in your life!.  Janine Sico joined us for the August 2007 Egypt tour.

Healing Transitions Hypnosis, Michael Rhodes, ACCH, CMT, SEC.  March 2007 Egypt tour.

Light of Luna,  Christine Hoage's website for reconnective healing, cooking and money management. Oct-Nov 2010 Tour.

Path of Light.  Guided Meditations with LaUna Huffines.  Also Triangles of Light, World Service Network. November 2008 Egypt tour.

Patte Productions.  Put a little drama in your life! Pat Launer's theater reviews.  Oct-Nov 2010 Tour.

Mary Elizabeth Raines:  Hypnosis, relaxation tapes, and more. Laughter-filled stage show of hypnosis in which the audience is the star!  and 
November 1999 Egypt tour.

McKenna Flutes, Inc: World Class instruments, both innovative and traditional.  Nov 2006 & Oct 2009 Egypt Tours.

Rupestrian CyberServices with Bob Mark & Evelyn Billo. Computer science in the service of rock art research, protection and education.  March 2007 Egypt tour.

Spirit Journey Hypnosis, Saba - Debby Barrett, M.Div., CCHT.  Also see her October 2010 TransforMatrix Egypt Tour with All One World.  Debby joined us in Egypt for both the November 2006 Egypt tour and the November 2008 Egypt tour.

Ruth Stockey, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Univ. of Alberta, Canada. April 2008 Egypt Tour.

Synchronicity at Work, with Lanie Damon.  Nov 2010 Tour.

Training-Modules, Susan Otto  Instructor and participant guides for organizations that want their employees to facilitate the training content and initiatives.  Susan Otto, October 2002 Egypt tour.

The Way To Balance, LLC: Obtaining results with cutting edge Structural & Energy Therapies. Aaron & Sue Singleton (medical intuitive) are co-leaders of tours organized by Ruth Shilling and All One World.  Next tour with the Singletons is Sept-Oct 2009.  There are already more people on the list for this tour than spaces available (40).  Don't miss out if this is the tour for you.   Aaron & Sue: 

Astrotherapist - Jacqueline Lindley Janes.  Certified Counseling Astrologer. 

Discovering Resolutions, located in Towson, Maryland, is the hypnosis practice of Kelly M. Hilton, CH.

Marcia Donofrio: Energy Practitioner and Complementary Medicine

The Door Opener, Metaphysical and Holistic Health Alternatives in Connecticut.

Ron and Joan, Retreat Center in Maine, USA. "We have chosen to create an ever-evolving, open place for those choosing to connect to and embody their truth and their way of living in the world, stretching and growing along the way."  



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