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"Time & Space in the Temples & Pyramids"

Egypt Tours
Photography,  Sketching,  Meditation,



More than 270
photos of Abydos!

Niuserre Sun Temple
Dashur Pyramids
Hatshepsut's Temple
Tel el-Amarna


Photographers &
Artists are Welcome

Stonie from Orlando, Florida, does some early morning photography at the Hypostyle Hall, Karnak, Luxor

Akhenaten - Link to Paintings by Martha Schwenzer

 Because our tours are designed to allow extra time 
at the Temples & Pyramids they are ideal for photographers & artists.  
Always striving to create the ideal tour for each individual, we are
 happy to work with each traveler to be sure that their desires are met.  

We get off the beaten track and see sites that few others 
get to see - local people, sunrise visits.

Upcoming Tours

Temple of Horus - link to art by Mary Ann Daley.Photo Book
by Marco Ruiz

by Mary Ann Daley

Pastel Paintings
by Martha Schwenzer

by Ruth Shilling

Slide Show : Photos by Judy Lovell, one of our travelers

"ULTIMATE EGYPT" website lots of photos and videos
created by one of our travelers, Phillip Brautigam

Photo Slide Shows  by one of our Travelers, Dileep B.

Giza - Link to art by Mary Ann Daley

Eternal Egypt Card Sets 
by Judy Lovell - Available for Order

More Info & to Order Eternal Egypt Card Sets

  Photos by Ruth Shilling  
Pyramid at Meidum
The Goddess Sekhmet, Karnak, Luxor Set 1 Temple, Abydos



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