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"Time & Space in the Temples & Pyramids"

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More than 270
photos of Abydos!


Niuserre Sun Temple
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Tel el-Amarna


Your Bedouin Guide, Rabia Barakat Selim

South Sinai, Egypt
Desert Tours

Rabia Barakat Selim
English-speaking Bedouin Guide

An article about
with Photos of
and his people.

Camel Trekking
Camel Treks
Jeep Safari
Jeep/Land Cruiser Safaris

    Both Camel Treks and Jeep Safaris can be combined with:
Hathor Temple at Serabit El Khadim    --    Visiting Bedouin Encampments
Camping in the Desert, Wadis and Oases    --    Looking at Rock Carvings

Desert Tour Itineraries  ----   SINAI book Facebook page

Lori Rubin Says:

My husband and I took a tour of the Southern Sinai in July of 2005, through Ruth Shilling’s coordination. We spent 3 days with him [Rabia], his friends and their families. We toured the desert, climbed Mount Sinai by camel, stayed in a bedouin stone village, were treated to magnificent meals by one of the wives, and thoroughly loved the entire experience. These people are truly remarkable, a real testament to endurance and passion. We will never forget that part of our trip and hope to one day, return. Good health and joy to all of you. 

Lori Rubin and Martin Wise, Montreal, Canada

Sinai: The Desert & Bedouins of South Sinai's Central Regions
by Ruth Shilling

Includes photos of Rabia Barakat and places that he can take you.


Rabia can also assist you 
in climbing Mount Sinai at St. Catherine’s or 
exploring Ras Mohammed, Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, 
Serabit El Khadim, Abu Zenima, Abu Galum, Naama Bay and Nuweiba.



Camping out, meals around the fire, starry nights, Bedouin homes, the desert, wadis, oases and stunning rocks faces. A chance to step outside the modern world and enjoy the richness of a life close to the land.
All meals are prepared for you.
2–14 days  -   Groups of 2–40 people

Desert Tour Itineraries


Forest of Pillars -- volcanic formation
Explore the wide terrain. The Sinai is one of the least populated of earth’s inhabited areas. The vastness awaits you and the sand dunes are alluring.  Rabia can teach you to "know the sand."  With the jeep you can explore the sand dunes at Nuweiba or the Forest of Pillars (a volcanic formation), the Colored Canyon, the White Canyon and other fascinating land forms. 
Desert Tour Itineraries


For more information email: or

You can work with an American or Egyptian tour organizer, 
or make your arrangements with Rabia directly.

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