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"Reflexologists' Nile Cruise & Pyramids"
 January 11-19, 2009 or  January 10-19, 2009 with air from New York

This tour is designed for a group of Reflexologists, 
but is open to others who would like to join in.  Bring your feet!

* Please note that this tour is limited to 25 participants.*

Tour Itinerary - Day-by-Day

January 10

For those departing from NY, USA:  Saturday, January 10, 2009
Your plane leaves NY City, at 6:30 PM.  You fly direct non-stop from New York city to Cairo, Egypt.  Arrival in Cairo the next day. 

Other departure cities in the USA are available as add-on's. Contact Us for pricing. Plan to arrive at JFK airport by 3:30 PM.

Egypt Tour

Day 1

January 11

Luxor Temple

For those arriving from New York, you arrive about midday in Cairo (7 hours ahead of New York time, 2 hours ahead of Greenwich) and continue on to Luxor, arriving in the evening.

Land Only Travelers: Those traveling to Egypt on their own should plan to arrive in Luxor on Sunday, January 11.  We will arrange to have someone greet you at the airport and bring you to a hotel in Luxor. 

If it works out better for your flights, you can overnight in Cairo near the airport on Saturday night and continue on to Luxor with the people arriving from New York on Sunday, January 11. We are happy to arrange the extra hotel night in Cairo for you.

Overnight at a 5 star hotel in Luxor, Sofitel Karnak or similar. 

Day 2
Karnak Temple Complex, Luxor

The Goddess Sekhmet, Chapel of Ptah, Karnak

Cube statue, Luxor Museum
Luxor Museum

We begin our tour with sights here on the East Bank of Luxor.  Our first visit is to the Luxor Temple.  Both gently beautiful and full of awesome grandness, this temple was the "Bride of Karnak" during the annual Apet festival.

Next we see the largest temple complex in Egypt. Karnak was the center of government during the New Kingdom and each Pharaoh wanted to leave something impressive at Karnak. Here we see multiple temples, obelisks, great gates and the famous hypostyle hall - unequalled to this day.  

The chance to experience the Goddess Sekhmet in a small chapel at Karnak is often powerful for people.  Her name means "She of Power," or "The Powerful One."

A visit to a gold shop for those who would like to get a cartouche with their name in hieroglyphs, one of the most popular souvenirs from Egypt.  Embarkation and dinner on our Nile Cruise boat, the Movenpick's Radamis I.

For those who would like, we make a visit to the modern Luxor Museum in the evening. There is a special exhibit room for a cache of statues found in near-perfect condition. They were buried under a courtyard at the Luxor Temple and found only recently during renovations.  There is also a new wing, just opened recently, with an excellent mummy exhibit and a number of splendid artifacts.  Our friend, Rachid, has painstakingly put together a wall from Tel el-Amarna which is displayed here.

Shopping opportunities: 
-Gold Shop  (jewelry).  Get a cartouche with your name in hieroglyphs.  

Overnight: Nile Cruise Boat: Movenpick Radamis I, 5 star or similar. BB, L, D.   

Day 3
January 13
Goddess Hathor column at Deir El Bahari, West Bank, Luxor
Hatshepsut's Temple

Astrological ceiling in tomb of Valley of the Kings, West Bank of Luxor
Valley of the Kings
"Colossi of Memnon" 

Debra Olson on Nile cruise
Nile Cruising

Sightseeing on Luxor's West Bank this morning. The first site that we visit is also one of the earliest New Kingdom temples.  Called "The Most Splendid of All" by the ancient Egyptians, Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, the Famous Deir El Bahari, has inspired many, including the founders of modern architecture.  One of the outstanding features is the picturesque Hathor columns in the Hathor columns in the Hathor Chapel on the second level.  We are also privileged to be admitted to the third level which was only recently opened to the public.  

More photos of Hatshepsut's Temple.  

Here on the West Bank of Luxor we also visit what is probably the most famous archeological site in the world, the Valley of the Kings, where King Tut's tomb was found.  There are many tombs here, and excavations are still going on, as well as renovations to tombs that have been uncovered a long time. One never knows which tombs will be open that day, but there will be a variety to choose from.  

Recent highlights are the opening of the Ramesses I tomb and Ramesses VI tomb, both restored with modern techniques pioneered during the restoration of the tomb of Nefertari (Nefertari's tomb is no longer open to the public).  An additional ticket is required for the Ramesses VI tomb and for King Tut's tomb.  King Tut's tomb is scheduled to close in May of 2008, so may no longer be open at the time of this tour.  

We will also see the "Colossi of Memnon," the two large statues of Amenhotep III that still stand, even though their temple was long ago destroyed.  The Greeks believed they were statues of Memnon, the son of Eros.

Enjoy an afternoon of cruising on our Nile Cruise boat.  The world we see drifting slowly by appears timeless - farmers with their animals, people washing in the river, water buffalos, pastoral scenes that look much the same as they did 2,000 and 3,000 years ago.  And then there is a mobile phone tower!

Excitement as we pass through the lock at Esna when the locals come out in boats to hawk their wares.

Overnight: Nile Cruise Boat: Movenpick Radamis I, 5 star or similar.  BB, L, D.

Day 4
January 14

Edfu Temple

This afternoon we visit the Temple of Horus at Edfu.  Here we see the story of the triumph of Horus over Set, representing the power of good over evil.  Later the Egyptian Coptic Churches (Christians) continued this story as St. George and the dragon.  

Entertainment with live music and dancing on board tonight.

Overnight: Nile Cruise Boat: Movenpick Radamis I, 5 star or similar.  BB, L, D.

Day 5
January 15

Kom_Ombo temple.jpg (31310 bytes)
Kom Ombo

Today we visit the beautiful Kom Ombo Temple.  Particularly interesting are the wall carvings showing the medical instruments used at that time, a birthing chair and a calendar showing the various holidays.

Sailing on to Aswan where we dock to overnight.

Overnight: Nile Cruise Boat: Movenpick Radamis I, 5 star or similar.  BB, L, D.

Day 6
January 16

Temple of Isis

This morning we disembark from our Nile Cruise boat before beginning our sightseeing in Aswan.  The beautiful Temple of the Goddess Isis on Philae Island is a highlight.  Also included is the Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut and the High Dam.

Next we fly to Cairo and check into our hotel, right near the pyramids!  Visit a perfumery near the Sphinx to get some of the perfume oils that are one of Egypt's specialties, followed by the Sound & Light Show at the Giza pyramids for those who would like.

Shopping opportunity: Perfumery.  Egypt is famous for its perfume oils.
Sound & Light Show
at the Giza pyramids.

Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids.  Le Meridien Pyramids or similar. BB, L.

Day 7

Ramp inside the Menkaure (3rd) Pyramid, Giza

Solar Boat, beside Khufu Pyramid ("The Great Pyramid"), Giza
Solar Boat

Today we spend a full day on the Giza Plateau.   We visit and go inside whichever pyramids are open.  Of the three pyramids, two will be open and one closed for renovations - dates are not announced in advance. 

We are applying for a special government issued permit that will grant us a private entrance to the Great Pyramid (for just our group and with all 3 chambers open to us).  We have every reason to believe that we will receive this permission, as we have on our previous tours.  However, we cannot guarantee this because government policies can change unexpectedly.

In the Solar Boat Museum we see a boat that is almost 5,000 years old and was found 50 years ago, here beside the pyramid.  

We will also see the Great Sphinx & Valley Temple.  There are legends of the Sphinx speaking.  Does the Sphinx have a message for you?  

Camel rides for the adventurous.  

Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids.  Le Meridien Pyramids or similar. BB, L.

Day 8
Step Pyramid, Saqqara
Rashepses wooden statue, Imhotep Museum, Saqqara
  Ka statue, Cairo Egyptian Museum
Khan El Khalili Bazaar, Cairo
Khan el Khalili Bazaar

On our last day in Egypt we visit the oldest pyramid.  At the Saqqara complex we see the Step Pyramid, the early versions of the Book of the Dead (Teti Pyramid) and some tombs with scenes of the daily life in the Old Kingdom.  

Also here at Saqqara we have the pleasure of seeing the newly opened Imhotep Museum - a beautifully laid out modern museum with a number of wooden statues from the Old Kingdom that are particularly memorable.  All the items on exhibit were found here at Saqqara and have not been on public display before.

Afterwards, we travel into downtown Cairo where we visit the incomparable Cairo Egyptian Museum.  Your guides point out the most famous pieces and then there is free time to look at whatever interests you the most - the treasures of King Tut, the Mummy Room, Middle Kingdom papyruses, statues from all time periods.  

Our final stop is for shopping at the famous Khan el Khalili bazaar.  The narrow cobble stone alleys, the profusion of colorful goods, belly dance costumes, scarves, leather goods, the medieval architecture, outdoor cafes and shisha bars... You can shop with Ruth or sit and watch it all with Ehab.  It's your choice.

Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids.  Le Meridien Pyramids or similar. BB, D.

Day 9
January 19

Tour is finished.

7:00 AM departure for the airport.  Your plane leaves for New York at 10 AM and arrives in New York at 3:15 PM - the same day but with an increase of 7 hours for the time difference between Cairo and New York.  

Or you may choose to add a tour of Petra or to add additional days to stay longer in Egypt for more shopping or Alexandria.

There may be changes to this itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control.

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