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Ruth Shilling & Ehab Mahmoud at the Great Sphinx, Giza

Dear Egypt Travelers,

We would be delighted to have you join us in Egypt.  Our aim is to facilitate what will be the perfect tour for each one of you.  

Whether your focus is learning more and seeing it all first-hand, getting those once in a lifetime photos or pursuing a lifelong dream, Egypt awaits you! 

Ruth  Ehab

Ruth Shilling, Tour Leader/Guide for All One World Egypt Tours
Ehab Mahmoud, Egyptian Egyptologist Tour Guide


Dear Ruth, 
     Your knowledge and expertness made those 16 days one of the highlights of our lives...  Your kindness and sensitivity towards other people was felt and appreciated every day.  Your talent of organizing and budgeting time was excellent.  We will recommend you with great confidence.  Thank you again!
.....................................  Rolf and Lore Geissler, New Jersey, USA


Ruth Shilling, All One World Tour Leader and Guide

Ruth Shilling
American Tour Leader and Guide 

Ruth Shilling specializes in the hieroglyphics, the Ancient Egyptian symbolism and the gods and goddesses.  She is also a teacher, spiritual growth facilitator, professional musician, sound-healer, Music & Imagery practitioner and co-founder of Spiral SoundDance.  As well as having led more than 50 tours to Egypt, she is also a popular workshop leader.  She has presented at many Friends (Quaker) gatherings, as well as the Lily Dale Assembly, Ishpiming Center and other spiritual growth/healing and retreat centers.

Ruth Shilling and Travelers -- Galabeya night on the cruise boatIn her role as musician, she can be heard on the following CD's:  
So Strong
with Justina & Joyce; Keeper of the Holy Grail with Richard Shulman and Samuel Welsh; and Awake, Arise with Connie Stardancer. 
Ruth has been teaching at the Univ. of Conn. CSA in Storrs, CT, since 1991.  

Ruth Shilling's SINAI: The Desert and Bedouins BOOKNow available: SINAI: The Desert & Bedouins of South Sinai's Central Regions (with 175 full color photos).  Photos & text by Ruth Shilling.  Available at bookshops in Egypt or on  

Watch for her upcoming book:  FULL POWER: Ancient Egyptian Deities Illuminate Our Masculine & Feminine Power Today. 

Web Articles:
Imhotep Museum.  Written by Ashraf Mohie El Din and Ruth Shilling.  
Bedouins! Written with Ruth Shilling and Jimmy Dunn.

To find out more, read excerpts of her latest writings (and see her original Hieroglyphic Shirts!) check Ruth's web site:  

My summary paragraph about Ruth in my photo album is as follows:

"Her planning in detail; her dedication to each tour participant having a special experience; her consistent support; her knowledge of Egyptology and the sites; her socratic way of encouraging participants to learn & read hieroglyphs & cartouches, identify the forms of the gods, goddesses & pharaohs; her encouraging us to have a spiritual & meditative experience; her emphasis on our being a group & functioning as a group at certain times, but always giving choice & achieving consensus; her lectures & orientation to Egyptology & Egypt; her attention to managing the everyday details of touring; her being the administrative manager at all times of our scheduling; her commitment to arranging special experiences as part of the tour; her good spirits at all times including singing songs to us in the morning; her openness about herself as a person; her overall loving, caring approach, being a Hathor type of person. A wonderful person who helped us all have a once-in-a lifetime trip to Egypt."

I am a retired medical school professor & have done a lot of overseas traveling. If I went back to Egypt again, I would go with Ruth Shilling.

Larry Claman,

Ehab Mahmoud, Egypt Tour Guide

Ehab Mahmoud
Egyptian Egyptologist Guide
for All One World's Egypt Tours

Ehab Mahmoud has been sharing his native Egypt with guests from all over the world for the last 15 years.  Delightful, sunny and extremely knowledgeable, our travelers feel they have a family member in Egypt at the end of these tours.  With degrees in Egyptology, tour guiding and tour operations, he brings a combination of skills that insure that we are both well taken care of and well informed.    

Ehab and Son of Hapu, Cairo Museum When we need some special arrangements his typical reply is, "It is done!"  When we want to know details about Egyptology or Ancient Egypt, he is a happy to share the depth of his knowledge.  Want to share with him your own personal theories?  He would love to hear it.

A tour guide who is very much in demand, we are pleased that Ehab Mahmoud makes our tours a priority.  How lucky we are!

"Ehab did an excellent job!  Not only was he a constant source of information about Egyptian antiquities, but he was so pleasant and personable. With his good looks, commanding presence, and beautiful speaking voice I just felt so special to have him as our very own guide.    Duane DeLorme, Georgia, USA   


Dear Ruth,
     I know we have all told you this in one way or another, but I feel moved to tell you again: There are no words that can adequately express how grateful I am to whatever Divine Intelligence caused me to find your website and ultimately go to Egypt with you. I feel blessed that I attracted that opportunity and am grateful to myself for actually taking it when it showed up! And please tell Ehab how much I appreciated his knowledge, kindness, and wisdom what a great person he is.
     I would love to do another trip with you at some point with all of the rebuilding they are doing, there will be much more to see in a few years.
                                  ---  Barbara Madar, Indiana, USA ---

    I wanted you to know what a wonderful tour you provided for us... without you it would have been impossible to have the trip we had.  I feel you were such a buffer between us and some of the harsher realities of life there.  Thank you a million times for all that you do, provide, and are!!  I honestly know I had a trip of a lifetime...

    I can't say enough good things to others about you and the trip. I speak your praises everywhere.  Is there a way I can help broaden that knowledge?  I think you are so doing what is in your heart and it shows, and I want to share your riches with others...
                                ---  Marsha, San Francisco, USA  ---

Ruth, you must be fulfilling a sacred contract in this work you do, in that you have a natural talent for knowing what people need, along with the love and dedication to open them to the fulfillment, and the know-how to set the stage for it to happen. Even unspoken needs seem to be picked up by you...

The mechanics of the trip - well, there was no need for us to even think of that. You did a magnificent job on that complicated task. Ehab contributed greatly too. What a perfect gift...

Every full moon brings back to me the Egyptian moon over the pyramids and the other-worldly nature of our caravan - the wind, the galloping horses!  Thanks to the goddess for that and to Ehab and to Ali and to you!  It wells up in me sometimes and passes through, and I say, well, that was the full moon caravan that just passed through. Then I take a few deep breaths and smile.
     ---  Lilly, owner of Golden Bough Vintage Books, Macon, Georgia, USA  ---

See entire letters at "What Our Travelers Say"

Photo credits this page:
 Ruth & Ehab at Sphinx: Karen Feltes;  Ruth: Lore Geissler & Tour participant; Ruth and travelers on cruise:  Ron Otto;  Ehab portrait: Ruth Shilling,  Ehab with Son of Hapu Statue: Ron Otto

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