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Giza Pyramids Sunset, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling

Newly Opened tomb at Saqqara. New Kingdom Necropolis, Tomb of Maya. Sakkara, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.

Special Permission for a visit between the paws of the Sphinx, Giza, Egypt


"Egypt Enthusiasts' Tour"
October 2015

For travelers who have already visited Egypt and want something more...

First-time travelers who want the trip of a lifetime!

Our new 12-day tour includes 2 days at Giza, 2 days at Saqqara, a full day at the Valley of
the Kings, and a number of special permits to see sites not open to other tourists.
The typical sites are included, as well as the Dashur Pyramids, Abydos, Dendera,
Abu Sir, Niuserre Sun Temple, Seti 1st Temple... and more!   MORE INFO

=  Limit: 20 persons  =

Calendar of Optional Extensions and Add-On's

Alexandria or Old Cairo Day Tours   --   3-Night Nile Cruise  --  Abu Simbel

"Amarna, Beni Hasan, Meidum & Alexandria (or Old Cairo)" 




LINK: Day-by-Day Itinerary

2 Days on the Giza Plateau! Includes the 3 Pyramids, Mortuary Temples, Old Kingdom Tombs (newly uncovered), Queens Pyramids, Sphinx, Valley Temple, Camel Ride (or hike) to the "9 Pyramids" panoramic view, Solar Boat Museum and the newly opened tomb of Khufu's Granddaughter.

2 Days at Saqqara!
Includes the newly opened New Kingdom Tombs, Old Kingdom Tombs, Tomb of the Two Brothers, Teti Pyramid, Step Pyramid & Enclosure, Unas Causeway, Tomb of Ti, Ptah-hotep and other tombs rarely visited, the Serapeum (YES! it has been opened after more than 30 years!), and the Imhotep Museum.

Karnak Hypostyle Hall, Karnak Temple, East Bank of Luxor, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.

Karnak Temple Complex
Full Day - Open Air Museum, Senusert "White Chapel," Hatshepsut's "Red Chapel," the  "Botanical Garden", the Ahk-menu, as well as the typical sites. Optional 2nd visit for more time on your own.

Meet with an Archeologist
See what he is presently uncovering! Hear about the latest discoveries.

Tomb of Ramesses V&VI burial chamber, Valley of the Kings, West Bank of Luxor, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.

Valley of the Kings - Long Day
Visit all the tombs you would like to, including Ramesses V&VI, King Tut and NEWLY OPENED Tomb of Merneptah, and SPECIAL PERMISSION to visit the Tomb of Seti 1st.


Enjoy Longer, Quality Time at the Temples,
Tombs & Pyramids

Time to take those once-in-a-lifetime photos, have a closer look, decipher the hieroglyphs or
just sit and enjoy it all.

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Special Permissions
Private Visits

Touching the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.
Visit inside the Sphinx enclosure Touch the Sphinx!

Private visit inside the
Great Pyramid of Giza

with all the chambers opened to us

Entrance to the
Tomb of Seti 1st

(now closed to the public)
in the Valley of the Kings

Explore Pyramids and Temples at Abu Sir
(not yet open to the public)

Revel in the
Sun Temple of Niuserre
at Abu Gurab
(not open to the public)

Newly Uncovered Old Kingdom Tombs at Giza, not yet open to the public. Photo: Ruth Shilling.

Old Kingdom Tombs at Giza
which are not yet open
to the public

Plus a few additional surprises!



Free Day in Luxor with Options:
1) West Bank (Medinet Habu Temple, Valleys of Nobles, Workers and Queens) - no extra fee.
2) Karnak (2nd visit) and Luxor Museum - no extra fee.
3) Edfu & Kom Ombo by road
4) Your own adventure in Luxor

Day-Trip to Alexandria the day after the main tour.

Abu Simbel Day Trip after the main tour.

3-Night Nile Cruise with or without Abu Simbel overnight trip before the tour begins. Take some time to relax after your flights to Egypt.

Sites Included

Seti 1st Temple, Abydos, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.Abydos Seti 1st Temple & Ramesses II Temple

Newly renovated Hathor Temple at Dendera, Egypt. Photo: Ruth ShillingDendera
Hathor Temple

Bent Pyramid, Dashur, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.Dashur Pyramids
Desert walk, Bent Pyramid & Red Pyramid

Step Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser), Saqqara, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.Saqqara Complex with Step Pyramid

See list of what we visit at
← LEFT (1st column).

Alabaster Sphinx at Memphis, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.Memphis

with Alabaster Sphinx
 & huge Ramesses II Statue

Giza Plateau with Pyramids and Sphinx, Giza, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.Giza Plateau with Pyramids & Sphinx
See list of what we visit at
← LEFT (1st column).

Sahure Temple and Pyramid, Abu Sir, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.Abu Sir
Sahure Pyramid & Mortuary Temple, with an outstanding view of the pyramid fields from near the Mastaba of Ptah-Shepses.

Niuserre Sun Temple
Abu Gurab, site of the first obelisk.

Astrological Ceiling, Tomb in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor West Bank, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.Luxor Tombs: Valley of the Kings with extra tickets for Ramesses V&VI, King Tut, other tombs which are open that day, and special entrance to Seti 1st Tomb. Free Day Option: Valley of the Workers, Valley of the Queens, Valley of the Nobles.

Ramesseum Temple, West Bank of Luxor, Egypt. Photo: Ruth ShillingWest Bank Temples, Luxor - Ramesseum, Hatshepsut's Deir El Bahari, Seti 1st Temple. Optional: Medinet Habu Temple.

Luxor Temple, early morning. Luxor, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.East Bank Temples, Luxor - Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple Complex with Open Air Museum and Akh-menu. Optional 2nd visit to Karnak.

Rashepses Statue, Imhotep Museum. Saqqara, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling.Museums: Solar Boat Museum at Giza, Cairo Egyptian Museum, Imhotep Museum at Saqqara, optional Luxor Museum.

with Tour Dates and Prices


your vacation in Egypt

Slide Show by Judy Lovell,
one of our travelers

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Photo credits this page: all photos by Ruth Shilling.





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