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The Spectacular Sound & Light Show at Abu Simbel, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling

Isis Temple with Trajan's Kiosk, Philae, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling

Abu Simbel
Overnight with 3-Night Nile Cruise
To be added before the
"Egypt Enthusiasts' Tour"
Arrive & Overnight in Cairo, Abu Simbel by Air with Overnight, Free Day in Aswan,
begin Nile Cruise in Aswan, Aswan-Luxor by cruise, join main tour in Luxor.

Tuesday - Monday, October 2015

Prices and What is Included

CALENDAR with Dates of Tours   --   Egypt Enthusiasts' Tour Day-by-Day



Day-by-Day Itinerary
Prices and What is Included

If you would like to spend a few days recovering from your flights with a relaxing cruise on the Nile and also want to see Abu Simbel with its memorable Sound & Light Show, you can arrive in Cairo on Tuesday, Feb 12. After spending the night near the airport in Cairo, you fly to Aswan and on to Abu Simbel. Visit the temples in the afternoon without the morning crowds, and also see the Sound & Light Show in the evening. The next day fly back to Aswan and have a free day with options in Aswan. Overnight in Aswan and begin a Nile Cruise on Friday. The cruise is 3 nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), Aswan/Luxor, finishing in Luxor on Monday (check out 8am). So you will be in Luxor to meet the tour group Monday morning, Feb 18. Monday's sightseeing with the cruise in Luxor will be refunded to you.


Arrivals in Cairo

to  EGYPT!

All One World airport and bus signArrivals in Cairo
You can arrive at Cairo airport (CAI) at any time today.  We will arrange to have someone greet you at the airport and bring you to our hotel nearby. Look for the rep with the YELLOW All One World sign.

You will be flying to Aswan tomorrow morning.

Overnight: Novotel Cairo Airport Hotel, Heliopolis, 4*, BB.


Flight Cairo to
Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel temples in the early morning lightFly Cairo/Aswan and continue on to Abu Simbel Excursion by Air

We arrive in Abu Simbel about midday. Lots of time to explore both the temple for Ramesses II and the temple for his beautiful queen, Nefertari.

Back to our hotel, which is right near the temples and has stunning views of Lake Nasser, we have time to freshen up and have dinner. In the evening we see the magnificent Sound & Light Show at the Temples. What a fantastic way to be introduced to Egypt!

Overnight: Seti First Hotel, Abu Simbel, 4*, BB, D.


Free Day with Options in Aswan

Return flight to Aswan this morning. This gives us a free day in Aswan. Our hotel, the Movenpick Resort Aswan is located on Elephantine Island in the Nile at Aswan. It is conveniently located across from the center of town where the bazaar with lots of vendors and shops is located.

Thousands of years ago, Aswan was where the traders from deep in Africa would meet the traders from the Mediterranean. Its role as a center of African trade has continued up to this day.

Some of the options of things you might like to do today:

  • Visit the Nubian Museum
  • Visit Elephantine Island archeological site
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens
  • Take a Bird Watching trip by boat with a local bird expert
  • Take a sunset felucca sailboat ride
  • Shop at the bazaar
  • Lounge by the pool
  • Have a formal dinner at the rooftop restaurant of the Movenpick

Overnight: Movenpick Resort Aswan, 5*, BB.


Trajan's Kiosk at the Philae Isis Temple, Photo: Ruth Shilling
Philae Isis Temple

We check out of our hotel about 11am and then board the Swiss Inn's Radamis I Nile Cruise. After lunch on the cruise boat your sightseeing begins with a trip by motorboat to the beautiful Temple of Isis on the island of Philae.  Built during the Ptolemaic era, this was the last place that the Ancient Egyptian religion was practiced and the last hieroglyphs were written.  It was closed in 550 AD by the Emperor Justinian.  This temple was one of those that were moved to higher ground when the High Dam was built.

Your sightseeing also includes the High Dam and the Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut.

While on the cruise boat, your sightseeing is with an English-speaking Egyptian guide and other people on the cruise who are English-speaking.

Overnight in Aswan, Swiss Inn's Radamis 1 Nile Cruise, 5*,  L, D. Night #1


Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling
Kom Ombo
- Breakfast on board
- Free at leisure in Aswan
- Sailing to Kom Ombo at 13:00 p.m.*
Lunch on board
- Visit to the Ptolemaic temple for Sobek and Haroeris at Kom Ombo. Sobek is a crocodile god and Haroeris is a form of the god Horus. The boat continues on toEdfu where you overnight.
- Sail to Edfu
- Afternoon tea
- Dinner on board

*NOTE: The cruise boats do not keep a rigid schedule, as the captain makes daily choices according to the height of the water and the number of boats at the Esna lock. They will do all the sightseeing listed, but the timing, even the day of those visits, can vary.

Overnight in Edfu, Swiss Inn's Radamis 1 Nile Cruise, 5*, BB, L, D. Night #2


Horus at Edfu Temple, Edfu, Egypt. Photo: Ruth Shilling
- Breakfast on board
- Your first visit today is to Edfu’s Temple of Horus, the best preserved temple in Egypt.

- Sailing to Luxor via Esna
- crossing the lock at Esna
- Lunch on board
- Free at leisure
- Afternoon tea
- Dinner on board

Overnight in Luxor, Swiss Inn's Radamis 1 Nile Cruise, 5*, BB, L, D. Night #3


Join the Egypt Enthusiasts' Tour

Everyone must be checked out of their cabins on the Nile cruise by 8:00am. The other people on the boat will then begin their sightseeing in Luxor.

The other "Egypt Enthusiasts" tour members will be arriving in Luxor about this same time. One of our Luxor representatives will fetch you from the cruise and bring you to meet the rest of the tour so that we can all begin our sightseeing together. Continue with the Egypt Enthusiasts' Itinerary.

There may be changes to this itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control.

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What is Included in the
Abu Simbel Overnight* with 3-Night Nile Cruise

· 1 Night in Cairo-Heliopolis at the Le Passage, Sonesta Heliopolis or Novotel, includes buffet breakfast
· 1 Night in Abu Simbel at the Seti First Hotel, includes buffet breakfast and dinner
· 1 Night in Aswan at the Movenpick Resort Aswan, includes buffet breakfast
· 3 Nights on Nile Cruise boat see options.  Beginning in Luxor and ending in Aswan.
· 3 Meals a day are provided while on the Nile Cruise.  See Day-by-Day description.
· Sightseeing with an English-speaking Egyptian guide provided by the cruise boat.
· All entrances fees and transportation for sightseeing as per itinerary above.
· Flight from Cairo to Aswan. Your airfare from Aswan to Cairo was partially included in your Egypt Enthusiasts' Tour price.
· Roundtrip Flights from Aswan/Abu Simbel/Aswan.
· Transfers to/from the cruise boat and to/from the airports = 7 transfers with an English-speaking rep and private vehicle

Not included:
· Items of a personal nature - laundry, telephone calls, etc. 
· Bottled water and other beverages
· Meals not specified as included
· TIPS (cruise boat staff, tour guide, transfer men, porters, etc)
· Anything which is not listed above as being included in your tour package.

$1,310 USD pp in Double Occupancy when combined with the Egypt Enthusiasts' Tour
$1,700 USD pp in Single hotel rooms & Single Nile Cruise cabin when combined with the Egypt Enthusiasts' Tour

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*This trip is contingent on flight availability. Please Contact Us regarding availability.

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All Photos on this page are by Ruth Shilling,
except the group on cruise deck - taken by one of our travelers, Marie F.







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