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Luxor Temple Obelisk Astrological ceiling Valley of Kings Medinet Habu Pillars

"Egyptologists' Egypt"
Travel with people who have been deeply immersed in the subject for years!

15-day Egypt Tour beginning in Cairo: Sunday, Sept 11 - Sunday, Sept 25, 2005
(or 16-day with air from New York : Saturday, September 10 – Sunday, Sept 25, 2005)
Ruth Shilling & All One World Egypt Tours

This is a Specially Designed Tour*  
for a small group of people from the UK who have recently finished degrees in Egyptology.  
Includes the typical sites, as well as the Meidum Pyramid, Abu Sir with Nuiserre Sun Temple, Dashur pyramids (Red, Bent & Black), Abydos, Denderah, Tel Amarna and the Beni Hasan Tombs.

Others are welcome to join us.

*Note that this tour will include two 5-star hotels, two 4-star and two guest houses that are not rated.
Only two meals a day are included in this tour (our other tours include all meals).

Day-by-Day Itinerary    Price and What is Included

Day-by-Day Itinerary

CLICK all pictures to ENLARGE.  Use BACK arrow to return to page.
Travelers can begin their tour in Cairo, Egypt or New York, USA

Sat., Sept 10, 2005: For those beginning their tour in New York, USA, your plane leaves NY City, at 6:30 PM, Saturday, September 10, 2005.  You fly direct non-stop from New York city, USA to Cairo, Egypt.  You arrive the next day at 11:30 AM. Other departure cities in the USA are available as add-on's.  Contact Us for pricing.

Day 1, Sun., Sept 11, 2005:  Those arriving from places other than New York should plan to arrive in Cairo sometime on Sunday, Sept 11 or late Saturday, Sept 10.  We will arrange to have someone greet you at the airport and bring you to our hotel in Giza.  If you arrive early you can visit the Giza plateau on your own.
Evening visit to a papyrus shop, if you would like.  Sound & Light show is not in English tonight.
Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids.

The Bent Pyramid, DashurDay 2 - Mon, Sept 12: We begin our tour with 3 days of sites from Ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom (2,575-2,150 B.C.).  Leaving Giza we drive southward through fertile farmlands to the rarely visited pyramids at Dashur.  These pyramids are dated as even older than the pyramids at Giza!  It is also a chance to begin by savoring the riches of Egypt without being bothered by huge crowds of tourists and souvenir sellers.

We spend time inside the Red Pyramid (nearly as large as Giza's Great Pyramid) and then have the opportunity for an unforgettable walk across the open desert to the Bent Pyramid.  The Bent pyramid is the only pyramid to retain most of its original casing stones.  

The Black Pyramid (Middle Kingdom mudbrick) can also be seen from here. 

Sun Temple with "hotep" blessings in 4 directions.  Photo by Ken Reynolds, A1W Egypt Tours traveler.Next is the Nuiserre Sun Temple at Abu Gurab and the pyramids at Abu Sir. This is a rare opportunity, as these sites are rarely visited by tourists.  The central alabaster alter of the sun temple sends out "hotep" blessings in all 4 directions.  

Our last site for today is the remains of Memphis, the "City of the White Wall," capitol of Egypt during the Old Kingdom. 

Optional: Sound & Light Show at the Giza pyramids in the evening.  Cost: $15-20 pp
Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids.

Sphinx and 2nd PyramidDay 3 - Tues, Sept 13:  A full day on the Giza Plateau.  Visits inside whichever pyramids are open, the Great Sphinx, the mortuary temples of all three pyramids, the Queen's pyramids and some interesting tombs.    Camel rides, too! 

We are applying for a special government issued permit that will grant us a private entrance to the Great Pyramid (for just our group and with all 3 chambers open to us) and a visit inside the Great Sphinx enclosure.  We have every reason to believe that we will receive this permission, as we have on our previous tours.  However, we cannot guarantee this because government policies can change unexpectedly.
Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids.

Sakkara Step pyramidDay 4 - Wed, Sept 14:  Our whole day today is spent at the Sakkara complex where we see the Step Pyramid, the early versions of the Book of the Dead (Teti Pyramid) and some tombs with scenes of the daily life in the Old Kingdom.  There have also been some recent discoveries at Sakkara which our friend Ashraf Mohie el-Din (part of the excavation team) will be telling us about.  Having the whole day will give us time to look at all that is going on here.
Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids.

Ka statue, Cairo Egyptian MuseumDay 5 - Thurs, Sept 15: We start a bit later this morning so that you have time to enjoy the hotel - maybe a swim in the pool or time to write some postcards?  Then we are off to a full day at the Cairo Egyptian Museum.  Your guides point out the most famous pieces and then there is free time to look at whatever interests you the most.  The treasures of King Tut, the Mummy Room, Middle Kingdom papyruses, statues from all time periods... how can one see it all?  It is impossible, so we will return at the end of our tour for another visit.

On the way home we will stop for shopping at the famous Khan el Khalili bazaar, if people would like.
Overnight: 5-star hotel near the pyramids.

Day 6 - Fri, Sept 16: We leave early this morning and travel south via our own private A/C bus to Middle Egypt.  At this time only about 15 people a week visit the sites in Middle Egypt (not like the thousands that visit Giza each day), so this is quite an opportunity.  

We begin with a visit to the Pyramid at Meidum.   As we get our first look at it from a distance, this pyramid is strangely beautiful, even though it is not in good condition.  Inside, we can touch some of the wooden timbers used in its construction more than 4,000 years ago!  This is also the area where the famous statues (on display in the Cairo museum) of Rahotep and his wife were found, as well as the famous "Geese of Meidum".

Traveling further south, we visit the tombs at Beni Hasan, a Middle Kingdom (2040 - 1640 BC) site.  The nobles' tombs portray scenes from the daily life, and are well preserved, full of color and quite fascinating.  Acrobatics, dancing, and military sports are emphasized.  But there are also scenes of making flour, baking bread, weaving cloth, and even a husband and wife on their wedding night!  There are many animals portrayed - both those that were domesticated and those that were hunted.  There are also a few "mystic" beasts to speculate about, a unicorn... or what do you think?

It is near Beni Hasan that we find another interesting site, the "Speos Artemidos," a rock cut temple for Pakhet, an aspect of the lioness goddess Sekhmet.  It is here that the female pharaoh, Hatshepsut, made her declaration denouncing the Hyksos and telling of her mission to resuscitate the temples of Egypt.  
Overnight in the town of Menya, overlooking the Nile - Aton Hotel.

Day 7 - Sat, Sept 17:  This morning we visit the site of Tel-Amarna, a city built by Akhenaten and Nefertiti during the New Kingdom.  We visit some nobles tombs with wall reliefs unequalled anywhere else in Egypt.  The pictures appear alive and even as though they are moving.  We also visit the Northern Palace, one of the markers of the city limits (a huge stone with hieroglyphics), the Southern Palace and the tomb built for Akhenaten.  

In the afternoon we visit el-Ashmunein (Arabic), Hermopolis (Greek), Khmunu (Ancient Egyptian) or the "City of the Eight".  It was the main cult center of Thoth (Djhueti, Tehuti), god of Wisdom and writing, patron of scribes. We also visit Tuna el-Gebel which was the neocropolis of Khmunu.  All in all, a very exciting day.
Return to our hotel in Menya for overnight.
Overnight in the town of Menya, overlooking the Nile - Aton Hotel.

Abydos SanctuaryDay 8 - Sun, Sept 18: Traveling still further south to visit Abydos, the place of pilgrimage in Ancient Egypt.  We visit the Temple of Seti I (with the renowned Osireion).  We will arrive midday as the convoy of buses with tourists coming from Luxor is leaving.  The temple is all ours for the whole afternoon.

We also may be able to explore the rarely visited Ramesses II Temple, located a short distance from the Seti I Temple.
Overnight in Naga Hamadi, where the scrolls were found that contain some of the Gnostic gospels.  Aluminium Hotel (newly renovated).

Denderah, astrological ceiling in hypostyle hallDay 9 - Mon, Sept 19:.  It is a fairly short trip from Naga Hamadi to the Temple of Hathor at Dendera.  This temple was built during the Ptolemaic (Greek) era on a much older site that had been a place of worshiping the Goddess Hathor in earlier times.  The famous circular zodiac was found in the ceiling of a chapel on the roof of the temple.  The ceilings and walls of the main hypostyle hall are full of astrological imagery.
Again, we avoid the crowds coming from Luxor by visiting the temple before they arrive.

Early morning at Luxor TempleAfternoon arrival on the East Bank of Luxor, where we settle into our 5-star hotel overlooking the Nile.  We visit the Luxor Temple in the late afternoon-early evening (when the lighting is optimal for seeing the wall reliefs).  The dramatic lighting also helps give the temple a special feeling in the evening.  Both gently beautiful and full of awesome grandness, this temple was the "Bride of Karnak" during the annual Apet festival.
Overnight: Luxor Hilton Hotel or similar, 5-star.

Day 10 - Tues, Sept 20:  Optional early morning balloon ride over Luxor's West Bank.  You decide about this option while you are in Egypt, a few days before arriving in Luxor.  Cost: about $140 USD.

Today we begin our touring of the West Bank of Luxor, one of the most famous archeological sites in the world.   We start with the Valley of the Kings (optional: King Tut’s tomb, $12 USD).  There are many tombs here, and excavations are still going on, as well as renovations to tombs that have been uncovered a long time. One never knows which tombs will be open, but there will be a variety to choose from.  

Pillars at Medinet Habu Temple, Luxor The afternoon is for Medinet Habu Temple, the second largest temple complex (after Karnak) in Egypt.  It includes the remains of the palace and temple built by Ramesses III, as well as the earlier temple built by Thutmosis III and Hatshepsut (newly restored), and the Late Period Chapel for the Priestesses of Amun.

We will be spending the next two nights at a guest house on the West Bank, so there is time for an evening visit to one of the local alabastor shops, if you would like.  From the veranda of our guest house we overlook the Medinet Habu temple and the West Bank hills.
Overnight: Amenophis Inn, Luxor West Bank.

Day 11 - Wed, Sept 21: Tombs, tombs and more tombs!  Today we see many in our visits to the Valley of the Nobles, the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Workmen.  

The Valley of the Nobles is known for the tombs where only the eyes were outlined in black.  The most famous tomb in the Valley of the Queens, Nefertari's, is now closed.  But there are some other ones that are now open.  Deir El Medina, the "Valley of the Workmen,"  was called the "Valley of Truth" in Ancient Egypt.  This is where the artists that decorated the tombs in the Valley of the Kings lived.  Their own tombs have colorful scenes from daily life in the New Kingdom.  There is also a chapel here with the famous Judgment scene.

In the later afternoon we see the rarely visited Seti I Temple which still contains some beautiful reliefs.  We also see what are now called the "Colossi of Memnon." They are actually colossi of Amenhotep III. The Greeks, however, thought they were statues of Memnon, the son of Eros.
Overnight: Amenophis Inn, Luxor West Bank.

Hatshepsut's Temple Deir El Bahari at sunriseDay 12 - Thurs, Sept 22:  The last West Bank site we visit was called "The Most Splendid of All" by the ancient Egyptians.  One of the earliest temples of the New Kingdom era, Queen Hatshepsut’s famous Deir El Bahari has inspired many, including the founders of modern architecture. One of the outstanding features is the picturesque Hathor columns in the Hathor Chapel on the second Level. We are also privileged to be admitted to the third level which was only recently opened to the public.

Another wonderful site that is rarely visited is the Ramesseum.  There is splendid hypostyle hall, an astrological ceiling and some excellent wall reliefs in good condition.  This is also where we find the fallen statue that inspired a poem by Shelley.

Cube statue, Luxor museumThen it is time to pack up, check out of our guest house, and cross to the East Bank of Luxor where we make a late afternoon visit to the Luxor Museum. There is a special exhibit room for a cache of statues found in near-perfect condition. They were buried under a courtyard at the Luxor Temple and found only recently during renovations.  There is also a new wing, just opened this year, with an excellent mummy exhibit and a number of splendid artifacts.  Our friend, Rachid, is painstakingly putting together a wall from Tel Amarna (displayed at the Luxor Museum) and each time we visit he has more of it completed.

Evening visit to a gold shop, if you would like.
Optional: Sound & Light Show at Karnak in the evening.  Cost: $15-20 pp
Overnight: Luxor Hilton Hotel or similar, 5-star.

Karnak southern gateDay 13 - Fri, Sept 23:  The splendors of the Karnak Temple Complex fill most of our day today. Luxor was the center of government during the New Kingdom and each Pharaoh wanted to leave something impressive at Karnak.  The largest temple complex in Egypt, we see multiple temples, obelisks, great gates and the famous hypostyle hall - unequalled to this day.  We  also see the Sacred Lake, the Festival Hall and Botanical Garden of Tutmosis III (a precursor of Napoleon's later record of the fauna and flora found in Egypt).

Also at Karnak, we visit the fascinating Open Air Museum where we view the Red Chapel of Hatshepsut and Tutmosis III (Karnak's original Holy of Holies) and Senwosret's White Chapel with its finely-carved Middle Kingdom hieroglyphs.  These are in raised relief - some of the best to be found anywhere.  There is something new each time we visit, as reconstruction of new pieces is ongoing.
Bring extra film for Karnak.  

Time for last minute shopping in Luxor.  Maybe a visit to Aboudy's Book Shop?
Overnight: Luxor Hilton Hotel or similar, 5-star.

Day 14 - Sat, Sept 24:  Return flight to Cairo where we have our second visit to the Cairo Egyptian museum.  Another option, if you prefer, is to visit Old Cairo to see the Coptic churches there , or you can head straight for the bazaar for shopping at the Khan El Khalili bazaar.  Our farewell dinner is here in the old bazaar at the historic Naguib Mafouz restaurant.
Overnight: Novotel Heliopolis, near Cairo Airport. 

Day 15 - Sun, Sept 25:  Return flights home.  For those leaving for the USA, your flight leaves at 10 AM and arrives in New York at 3:15 PM - the same day but with an increase of 7 hours for the time difference between Cairo and New York.  For those traveling to the UK the time difference is 2 hours.

There may be changes to this itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control.
* Unlike our other tours, there are only 2 meals a day included in this tour.

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