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Tel el-Amarna


4-Night Nile Cruise, Luxor - Aswan with Return to Cairo 
Feb 22-27, 2005
provided by our affiliate, American Express of Egypt

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Tuesday, February 22: Your Nile cruise boat is docked and waiting for you in Luxor.  You begin with dinner on board after saying farewell those not continuing their tour with this extension.
Meal: D.

Wed, Feb 23: The boat begins its journey up the Nile in the early dawn.  There is often excitement on deck when the boat arrives at the lock at Esna.  The locals come out in boats to hawk their wares while the cruise boats wait their turn in the lock.  

You have the whole day to relax and enjoy the timelessness of the Nile.  Maybe write those postcards?  Afternoon tea on deck.  Entertainment on board in the evening.
Meals: B, L, D.

Thurs, Feb 24: Your first visit today is to Edfu’s Temple of Horus, the best preserved temple in Egypt. While on the boat, your sightseeing is with an English-speaking Egyptian guide and other people on the cruise that are English-speaking.

In the late afternoon there is a visit to the Ptolemaic temple for Sobek and Haroeris at Kom Ombo. Sobek is a crocodile god and Haroeris is a form of the god Horus. The boat continues on to Aswan where you overnight.
Meals: B, L, D.

Friday, February 25:  Today there is sightseeing in Aswan.  You go with other tourists from the boat to see the Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut at the ancient granite quarry, and the new High Dam.  

Your sightseeing concludes with a trip by motorboat to the beautiful Temple of Isis at the island of Philae.  Built during the Ptolemaic era, this was the last place that the Ancient Egyptian religion was practiced and the last hieroglyphs were written.  It was closed in 550 AD by the Emperor Justinian.  This temple was one of those that were moved to higher ground when the High Dam was built.

Aswan Market street sceneYou may want to spend the afternoon & evening adventuring at the open market place in Aswan.  In ancient times the cataracts made it impossible for ships to pass this point, so the traders from the Mediterranean and Africa met here.  The present town still contains some of this history and feeling.
Meals: B, L, D.

Sat, Feb 26.  Return flight to Cairo.  There is an optional trip to Abu Simbel this morning, if you choose.
Meal: B.

Sun, Feb 27:  Departure flights home.
Meal: Breakfast.

There may be changes to this itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control.

Return to February 12-22, 2005 Tour Itinerary 

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