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"Time & Space in the Temples & Pyramids"

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More than 270
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Niuserre Sun Temple
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Philae Isis Temple Kiosk

Ptah Chapel, Seti 1 Temple, Abydos

Specially Designed Tours
We are happy to arrange Egypt Tours with special itineraries upon request. Contact Us with your ideas for the tour that is perfectly suited to you.

To give you ideas, you can scan through the itineraries of the tours now being offered or
peruse the itineraries of previous tours. Links are below.

"Huffines Family & Friends Egypt 2012"
includes Giza, Cairo, and Luxor
May 29 - June 2, 2012 - Day-by-Day Itinerary

"TransforMatrix Egypt Tour"
An Inner Journey of the 12 Hours of the Am Duat
parallels with your journey through the Ancient Egyptian sites
A Specially Designed Tour for Saba & Friends

"Awakening Through the Sands of Time"
A Sacred Journey to Connect with Your Past and Birth Your Future
A Specially Designed Tour for Ann Tay, Omni Horizons

"Photographers' Egypt Tour"
includes Giza Pyramids, Cairo, Dendera and Luxor
Friday, Nov 12 -- Sunday, Nov 21, 2010 - Day-by-Day Itinerary

"Wonders of Egypt" Family Tour
includes Giza Pyramids, Cairo, Dendera and Luxor
Sunday, Nov 21 - Sunday, Nov 28, 2010 - Day-by-Day Itinerary

"Giza, Cairo, Luxor to Aswan"
7-Day Egypt tour - October 2009

Singletons' Egypt 2009 Tour: A Specially Designed Tour
"Walk the Initiates' Path to Claim Your Sacred Power"
Sept-Oct 2009

"Time & Space in the Temples & Pyramids"
October & November 2008

"Temples & Pyramids"
A Specially Designed Egypt Tour For Tad Iwanuma & Friends

November 2007

"Healing Beyond Time" : A Specially Designed Egypt Tour
with Aaron & Sue Singleton and Friends
November 10-25, 2006

"Egyptologist's Egypt", A Specially Designed Egypt Tour
September 11-25, 2005

January 2007 Egyptologists' Tour

June 12-19,2004

"Your Egyptian Past"
May 13-21, 2006 (or May 12-21 from USA)

Mount Sinai Extension with Bedouin Village
May 21-23, 2006

"Mystical Magical Egypt", A Specially Designed Egypt Tour
Feb 26 - March 13, 2005

"Tel-Amarna, Middle Egypt, Cairo & Luxor"
February 12 - 22, 2005

"Cairo, Mt. Sinai & Nile Cruise"
June 22 - July 3, 2005

Mount Sinai Extension
Dec 2-4, 2005

10-day Egypt Tour - "Temples & Pyramids":
Sept 10-19, 2006
and November 19- 26, 2005
Optional Extensions: Nov 26 - Dec 4, 2005

15-day Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise
Saturday, March 13 Saturday, March 27, 2004

9-day Egypt Tour over New Years' 2004
Saturday, December 27 Sunday, January 4, 2004

14-day Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise
Saturday, October 4 Friday, October 17, 2003

Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise
Saturday, August 17 Sunday, August 25, 2002


Photo credits this page: All photos by Ruth Shilling.

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